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Water Filters for Earthquake Victims in Dusun Jati Tuhu, Ban Village, Karangasem

The 4.8 SR earthquake that occurred in Karangasem, Bali on October 16, 2021, caused major damage to the houses of the community in Ban Village, Kubu District. One of the Dusuns’ that was severely affected was Dusun Jati Tuhu, where the people’s houses were badly damaged. Resulting in that the people cannot occupy their own houses anymore. Not only houses were destroyed, but also the people’s water reservoirs (cubang) were damaged, making access to clean water and drinking water difficult.

As an emergency response to this disaster, the Westerlaken Foundation took the initiative to distribute Water Filters to the earthquake victims in need at Jati Tuhu Dusun, Ban Village, Karangasem District.

We, together with Social Impakt, went with the 37 water filters to the Ban Village Prebekel Office to report the aid given. All assistance is registered and recorded there. We were greeted by the head of the Jati Tuhu Dusun. He contacted his community and instructed them to gather at his house.

We departed and were escorted by 2 local people as guides. We used motorbikes and a pick-up truck because the road access could not be passed by cars. Sure enough, the road to the people’s houses is still a in the form of dirt footpath. Not paved and of course this complicated the process of aid distribution to the people's homes. In addition, its location is on a hill which made our trip up rough due to the road being steep and rocky.

Arriving at the Kepala Dusun’s house, we saw that the people have gathered and were very excited to welcome us. The men quickly helped us to lower the water filters from the pick-up truck. Meanwhile the mothers worked together and offered us tea, coffee and biscuits they had. They told me that their water reservoir (cubang) was cracked, so it couldn't hold any water anymore. Not only the problem of the damaged cubang, but also the clean water supply pipe was damaged and buried under a layer of soil due to the landslide that happened during the earthquake.

After hearing their stories, we started taking attendance and making sure that every family on the list was there for the training. After there were enough participants, we started training on the assembly, use, and maintenance of the water filter. The community were very enthusiastic, even when the training is not finished, they already have someone there who started assembling the tools. However, we instructed them to listen first before starting to assemble.

After the material session was over, the community was asked to practice assembling the water filter. We help them by checking whether the water filter is assembled properly or not. They help each other in reminding how to assemble and use the water filter.

Hopefully this donation will help the community to get access to drinking water.

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