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Education for 17 children in Sumba

Westerlaken Foundation helps pay for the schools’ semester fee of 17 children living in Sumba (NTB). These children used to live in the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Denpasar, Bali, and were reunited with their family.

Since Jodie O’Shea orphanage is closing down and no longer supports, paying for the school's monthly expenses has been a challenge for the families. We were made aware of the matter when the person that used to be the PIC to the orphanage, reached out to us asking for help.

Starting in 2021, Westerlaken Foundation set up and manages the Westerlaken Children Fund. This fund focuses on prevention, education, empowerment, and follow up after the reunification programs, to prevent this abandonment case after reunification from happening. One of the realisations of this funding program is helping 17 children in Sumba ex-Jodie O'shea to pay their school fees. The situation that makes it difficult for them to get an education is poverty, which if it was left unassisted, can result in the dropout of the children from school.

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