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Transparency in donations

As you most likely have seen we are very busy with finding funds for our emergency relief efforts. The efforts relate to two of our programs (for more info see 'what we do': - human and children rights - emergency relief

Trough One Percent Club we have crowdfunded 500 euro (effectively 475 euro) for an emergency relief fund for animals. This fund will be used when needed. We are sure that this fund will be used in the coming weeks / month, as the COVID-19 crisis has severe effects on animal welfare. It is expected that zoo's and dolfinaria on the island might financially collapse. This fund is firstly used for emergencies for marine animals related to the COVID-19 crisis, but in case of an emergency the fund will not be limited to marine life only. Through Go Fund Me we have crowdfunded 1.000 euro (effectively 967,48 euro) for a humanitarian emergency fund. We are currently organising the use of this fund with the local village of Bitera (Gianyar) which is severely hit by the COVID-19 crisis effects. Foodpackages will be distributed to the poor and the effected in this region as soon as possible in weekly terms.

We just opened another crowd fundraiser on Go Fund Me with a target of 1.000 euro. This fund is meant to keep providing humanitarian aid, to the village of Bitera, but possibly also other regions. Please help by clicking the image below:

Another fundraiser on Kitabisa will be launched soon to target the Indonesian market. This crowdfunder will be used to help our parter organisation BaliKids (where baby Krissi lives) through these difficult times. We will will update later on this specific fundraiser. We hope that all our crowdfunding actions are clear and transparent. If you have any questions, remarks or doubts, please contact Rodney Westerlaken on

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