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Reunification to Sumba

Monday, 27 December 2021 - Three children from Jodie O'Shea have returned to Sumba. They met their families through the reunification process. Two children were reunified to East Sumba and one child to Southwest Sumba. Now they can get together and grow with the love of their direct family. Reunification is the return of a child, who is in the care of a child welfare institution, to their parents or family with the aim that the child will receive protection, care, and a permanent care status. Reunification is carried out in the following stages:

  1. Family and/or biological family search

  2. Verification and validation of family and/or biological family data

  3. Assessment by social worker or social welfare personnel

  4. Preparation of family and/or child's biological family for reunification

  5. Handing over of children from foster parents/LKSA to the family and/or biological relatives of the child, which is accompanied by an official report of the handover.

Before the reunification process was carried out, the three children had socialisation for example by calling their families daily by telephone with the objective when they meet their family in Sumba, they are already familiar with each other.

Westerlaken Foundation - Yayasan Bali Bersih fully supports the reunification process. We strive so that children's rights to own and grow in their own direct families can be achieved. For that, we manage the Jodie O'Shea Children Fund. With this fund we help reunified children with the basic needs of children such as school fees and food. Let's help their education so they can reach their dreams!

Further information about Jodie O'Shea Children Fund can be accessed on the “JOS Children Fund” menu on our website.

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