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Painting Workshop with Plastic Waste Materials

Yesterday (9 January 2022) the children at Jodie O'shea attended a painting workshop with plastic waste materials. This workshop was guided by Made Bayak (an artist with international fame from Sukawati, Gianyar).

Before the activity started, Made Bayak distributed drawing paper and drawing tools to the children. He then explained how to paint and the essence of this activity. That the plastic waste used in this workshop, if disposed of carelessly, can damage the preservation of nature, especially the marine environment.

Plastic waste is a threat to the life of marine animals. For example, turtles, plastic that resembles jellyfish can be eaten by turtles and of course threaten the life of the turtle.

The activities are very exciting, and fun. The children drew and then glued the plastic waste material on the paintings they made. Some draw fruits, marine life, trees and nature, rainbows, and some draw their imaginations. Children are free to choose the colours and shapes they want to create beautiful works of art. Their paintings were then framed and displayed at Jodie O'Shea.

This workshop activity is very interesting because it not only creates art, but also shows our concern for plastic waste in the sea and helps protect the environment.

Activities like this are very good to be carried out regularly, we hope to carry out similar activities in the future.


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