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First 100 food packages delivered!

We are very happy to announce that yesterday we have done our first round of handing out 100 food packages in the village of Bitera, Gianyar. 100 families were chosen out of 5 banjars (communities) that are designated by the government as poor and people that have lost their job due the heavy decline of tourists on the island. Those people are on a desperate line between having food or not.

The reactions of those people upon receiving there package were heart warming. Desperation could be seen in their eyes, turned into happiness as for now there is food. Each package consists of 2 kilograms of rice, 0.5 liter cooking oil, a pack of beans and cabbage, 2 packages of mie, cooking seasonings and 6 eggs. Each packet costs us 50.000 rp, so one run costs us 5.000.000 rp in goods (295 euro). We work closely with the local authorities (local government, police, army and pecalang) to make sure the whole operation is smooth, safe and transparant.

Donations are still very needed, click the gofundme link below:

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