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Chairman of Benih Kasih foundation, Buleleng, committed sexual abuse.

The chairman and owner of the Benih Kasih Foundation, Buleleng, committed sexual abuse of children in the Child Welfare Institution. One of the victims, Bunga, stated that she was late in menstruation after being repeatedly abused by the perpetrator I Kadek Pilipus.

The foundation has as aim to: accommodate orphaned, poor and children neglected in a family atmosphere. Provide security and protection for children. Provide education and training both formal and non-formal. Establishing character and development of a child's personality. Lift and reward children status. Discover and develop children's talents in realising independence form the pattern of leadership of children who serve.

The young victim, who felt afraid did not dare to open up the actions of the perpetrator because she was afraid of being expelled from the orphanage. "Orang dia pimpinan kok, kalau saya kasi tau nanti pasti dikeluarin, takut diancam bagaimana, saya takut dikeluarin dari sini, saya takut" said Bunga (He is the person in charge, if I would report him I would be sent out from here, I am afraid).

Eventually the case was reported to the Buleleng Police Headquarters who are investigating the case. Till now the case affected nine children. So far, the victims who were willing to be questioned are four people. It is said that all the victims have left the foundation. All of the victims admitted that they were victims of I Kadek Pilipus. It is said that they are not ready to be questioned by the police because they are reluctant to bring up their past.

Westerlaken foundation focuses on improving human and children rights in Indonesia. 

At this moment the foundation finances impactful research specially on children rights within orphanages on Bali. 

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