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Baby Krissi saved!

After an intensive period of fundraising we are happy to announce that we have been able to pay the bill at the hospital were little baby Krissi was cared for. This period has been quite a rollercoaster for the foundation, being financially stretched itself and needing to engage all our friends to help. We are very thankful to everyone that helped towards a good ending!

What was the story?

We came across a post about a young baby girl being refused at a baby house in Denpasar, based on the fact that the mother is diagnosed with HIV. The little girl was born only weighting 900 grams which subsequently dropped to 800 grams, meaning that she remained in an incubator fighting for her life. Only after 18 months we will be able to have clarity of her HIV status. Luckily after one week in ICU she did put on 100 grams, which was promising! Meanwhile the mother does not want to take care of the little girl and urgently wants to surrender the girl. The father is unknown.

Sadly, there are still many uneducated people who still believe that living with someone possibly having the HIV virus, is unacceptable and dangerous. Unfortunately, Bali is highly discriminative towards HIV patients, which makes the issue only bigger. Many HIV positive people go into hiding and die at young age, due the fact they are not tested nor taking the necessary medication.

Stumbled upon the post on Instagram we contacted Bali Kids, a Child Welfare Project founded to help kids with severe medical issues, such as HIV, cancer and other diseases. Bali Kids is very well managed and jumped on the case immediately. We are happy to let you know that the little baby girl now can call Bali Kids home after being released from the hospital last Monday.

Bali Kids is fully funded by donators. As we brought this little girl on to Bali Kids path, we are feeling some responsibility towards Bali Kids, who is already financially stretched out.

We raised a total of 37.000.000 million, enough to cover the hospital/medical costs till the surrendering to Bali Kids. A little leftover will be donated towards Bali Kids for ongoing care, as well as a bag with beautiful baby clothes. This will ensure she can be included in the Bali Kids family without any financial luggage or distress.

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