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Another Monday, another 100 families in Desa adat Bitera are fed.

Yesterday we have handed out another 100 food packages in the village of Bitera. The village consist out of five different banjars, communities. Every banjar is led by a community head which knows the people in his area well. He knows who identifies as poor (people do have designated ‘poor cards’ for this) and knows who is in trouble due to loss of jobs or business. We have had reports that in some villages the unemployment rate is up to 90% due to the COVID-19 problems. Yesterday was also the first day that no international flight departed or arrived on Bali.

While handing out packages we could see a change with lasts week distribution. The worry in people’s eyes. People are depending on the packages we provide them with. Without these packages, they would have nothing to eat.

A package consists out of rice, cooking oil, noodles, fresh vegetables, garlic, chili, eggs and fresh bumbu. A family of four can at least at two days from this package.

The Indonesian government predicts that this period will at least be ongoing till June. The aim is now to focus on Chinese tourists arriving in June. Without your help we would not been able to help these people. A food package costs 50.000 rp, a small 3 euro. Please keep donating, please keep helping us… Every three euro means that you have fed a family for at least 2 days. At this moment we have raised: 2.415 euro (more than 800 foodpackages!) for our emergency relief program. We also have fundraised another 500 euro (on 1% club, a Dutch fundraise website) for a specific fund for animals in need due to COVID-19. A new fundraiser has been set up to make sure we can keep doing this (click image below):

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