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Another 100 food packages distributed in Bitera, Gianyar

Today we have distributed another 100 food packages in Bitera, Gianyar. In total 300 food packages have been distributed. This week (Thursday) we also start distributing another 100 food packages in Penatih, Denpasar.

We focus on urbanised areas, where people cannot easily grow or find food. People that are selected for food distribution have either a poverty indication by the government or have their lives suddenly changed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, for example people that lost their job due to the immediate decline of tourists arriving on the island. For the selection of people we work closely together with the local government, the kelian banjars. They are the community heads and know what is happening within their banjar, usually a community of approximately 200 people.

As the kelian banjar of banjar Roban said: 'These packages are really needed and really make a big difference'. We are happy to be able to make this difference. As said in the post 'more help is needed': We plan to continue our work till the 15th of June for now.

We are planning to help 3 area's. Bitera (started April 13, weekly distributions), Penatih (starting this week) and Ubung (starting next week).

Till the 15th of June this means that we hope to provide the following aid:

Bitera: 10 times 100 packages (3 runs done)

Penatih: 8 times 100 packages

Ubung: 7 times 100 packages

total: 25 times 100 packages = 2.500 packages.

At this moment we are still needing 40 million rupiah (2.385 euro) to make above happen. Pleas help us... Please fund us on Go Fund Me (click image below):

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