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Another 100 food emergency packages distributed in Desa Adat Bitera

Since April 13 Westerlaken foundation / Yayasan Bali Bersih is active in handing out food emergency packages in Desa Adat Bitera. Every round we distribute 100 packages, containing rice, cooking oil, seasoning, fresh veggies and spices, mie and eggs.

Initially we promised to help the village with four distributions and than subsequently evaluate the outcomes of the aid. Yesterday we have distributed the aid for the fourth time.

In between the third and fourth time the bandesa of the village, Bapak Nyoman Sumantra, filled in an impact assessment evaluating the aid received. We would like to share some important outcomes:

- more than 1.300 people are helped with the food packages.

- the packages are considered to be very helpful by the villagers. A positive effect mentioned in the assessment is the feeling of not being alone in this crisis. To quote Bapak Nyoman Sumantra 'Psychologically, people lose confidence and feel sensitive and feel injustice, so that the presence of 400 packages is enough to provide peace of mind, calmness and reduces the psychological stress situation of the community. They feel someone is paying attention. The situation is getting better'.

- a good overview of other governmental and non governmental help is provided, both sekala and niskala (the seen and unseen). The unseen qualifies as purifying ceremonies and prayer, where the seen concerns help as our food packages, donations of hand sanitizer, masks, a sink and a genset for public announcements on a car. Seen the outcomes of the assessment we have agreed upon continuing our help in Desa Adat Bitera for a period of 4 more weeks. Another assessment will follow at the end of this period.

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