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6th emergency aid run to Peguyangan done!

With the help of Patricia, Heidrun and Made we have executed the 6th emergency aid run to Peguyangan yesterday. Another 100 families are being fed. In total we have handed out 30.496 meals till now!

We cannot do this without your help. Therefor we are extremely grateful that Patricia and Heidrun have fundraised for the foundation. They have gathered a total of 16 million rupiah! This means 5.120 meals! Amazing work and we hope their power will inspire others!

We also have an ongoing fundraiser at the moment at GoFundMe. We are at 1.711 euro out of 5.000.. If we get this fundraiser full we likely can keep feeding Bitera and Penatih till the end of the crisis. Only when we have this guarantee we dare to look at other areas / fooddrops.

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