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100 packages delivered in second run to Penatih and updates

Yesterday the team of Westerlaken foundation / Yayasan Bali Bersih completed another run of emergency food supply to the village of Penatih in Denpasar. 100 families from 10 different banjars benefitted from the aid packages.

Unlike we anticipated on earlier we have not been able to do a third run this week in the area of Ubung. We dealt with an uncommunicative local government which made it impossible to organize a distribution. With heavy heart we have made the decision that we cannot continue our wish to help these villagers, specially seen the vast requests for help from other areas we are getting in. We have decided to start distributing in the Peguyungan area starting next week. The area consists of 24 banjars whit many people in need.

Also we continue our efforts to help Bali Kids, a special home for children with life threatening diseases. Bali Kids is a medical project and has helped over 150,000 poor Balinese children access health education, medical and dental care for 16 years.

In the main clinic 15 children are currently living. These children are at high risk of Corona Virus and other health issues common in the villages. They are with Bali Kids because they have no other options re family. Some children took 2 or 3 years to fully recover from their respective health issues. Sadly some did not recover.

Bali Kids is now a 'cocoon' for these children who have survived against the odds, protecting them from the outside world. Not an ideal situation but necessary however to ensure their recoveries were not in vain.

The corona virus is having huge effect on the center. With no tourists coming to the island a big chunk of funding fell off. We need to help these vulnerable children. Do you help us help them? Please follow this link:

This weeks run to Penatih was funded by PA.ID. We are very thankfull for the support!

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