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Whale Stranded on Pasut Beach, Kerambitan

Monday, February 21, 2022, a dead and decaying whale was found at Pasut Beach, Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali. The length of this whale is estimated to be 8-10 meter. This whale is thought to have died a few days before it was found stranded on Pasut Beach.

The incident began when residents around the beach smelled the odeur coming from the beach. Curious residents also traced the origin of this stench. After doing a search, it turns out that the smell came from a whale carcass whose size is estimated to be 8-10 meters. The condition of the whale carcass is code 5, completely decomposed so that its bones could be seen clearly from the outside.

The cause of the whale's death is difficult to identify, as the entire body was decomposed. The species of the whale will be identified by conducting DNA tests in Bionesia with the permission of BPSPL.

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