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12 green turtles saved from being slaughtered.

Warung Kayu Manis, located at Jalan Bukit Hijau II No. 1, Banjar Mekar Sari, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta District, Badung, Bali, was raided by Unit 1 of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Bali Regional Police on Wednesday (06/24/2020). The warung is raided by the police because it sold lawar and satay processed by green turtle meat. The whole case started with a public report saying that the stall sold satay and lawar green turtles. Therefore you see that reporting is paramount!

The police explained that the green turtle is one of the animals protected by the law, namely Article 21 paragraph 2 letter a and letter b article 40 paragraph 2 and / or article 40 paragraph 4 Yo LHK.No.P.106 Permen 2018 saying that whoever trades sea turtle meat for commercial business can be charged with law.

When carrying out raids at Warung Kayu Manis, it was found that the stall sold preparations in the form of lawar and satay using Green Turtle meat. Then, the police als obtained some Green Turtle meat parts that have been chopped.

At Wayan Kayun's house, the authorities re-discovered 1 Green Turtle that had been slaughtered. Then the police also found 12 Green Turtles that were still alive that would be prepared for chopping.

The 12 Green Turtles are now save at TCEC, where we will help to tag and weigh them.

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