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Rescue the Stranded Dolphins on Padang Galak Beach

Risso's Dolphin that got stranded in Padanggalak beach (13/01/2022)

Yesterday (13/01/2022) 4 Risso (Grampus griseus) dolphins stranded on Padang Galak Beach, Sanur, East Denpasar.

This incident began when the owner of a shop around the beach saw dolphins near the coastline of Padang Galak Beach. Residents around the beach then contacted the authorities so that the dolphins were immediately given assistance.

The condition of the dolphins was stable and they were immediately released back into the ocean and no injuries on the dolphins' bodies were discovered.

Today we (Westerlaken Foundation - Yayasan Bali Bersih) explored the stranding area of the four dolphins by boat. Fortunately there was no sign that the four dolphins had washed up again.

Through the Marine Environment Program, we help rescue stranded marine animals, as well as marine animals in captivity. We strongly support the release of marine animals, because we believe that marine animals will live better in their natural habitats.

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