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On Friday, February 17th 2023, Westerlaken Foundation went to Barukaso Tengah, Sukamulya Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency, which is one of the areas affected by the Cianjur earthquake.According to the field survey, it was found that the community have a hygienic water crisis.

Then, Westerlaken Foundation decided to coordinate directly with the head of the local government to get information on the needs of community. According to this coordination, it was found that the community’s needs were HDPE pipes, water reservoirs, and water filters to fulfil the community’s hygienic water needs. In addition, Westerlaken Foundation provided several books and colored pencils as teaching materials and entertainment for children in emergency shelter.

Westerlaken Foundation runs the Emergency Relief program as a quick response to disasters and will continue to make efforts to reach all regions in Indonesia.

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