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Orphanage Awareness Campaign

The Stop Orphanages Campaign is an integral part of our foundation's commitment to human rights and children's rights. Its primary objective is to shed light on the issue of institutionalization of children in orphanages.

By increasing awareness and knowledge among society, government entities, and social organizations, we aim to emphasize the responsibility parents have towards their children. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the number of children being placed in institutions due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities.

Children are inherently vulnerable and still developing physically, emotionally, and cognitively, making them easy targets for exploitation. Placing them in institutions puts them at risk of various forms of exploitation, including child labor, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. It is crucial to protect children from exploitation to ensure they can grow up in a safe, healthy, and happy environment, contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

This campaign specifically focuses on Bali, where recent research conducted by Westerlaken (2020) revealed that the majority of children living in child welfare institutions in Denpasar, Bali, are not actually orphans. Shockingly, 92% of these children have at least one living parent. Economic circumstances and the desire for education were identified as the main reasons for parents placing their children in such institutions in Indonesia.

We invite everyone, including social communities, foundations, government bodies, tourists, and parents who wish to restore a sense of family warmth and protect these vulnerable children, to join us in this campaign.

Following the successful reunification program by Westerlaken foundation / Yayasan Bali Bersih in Jodie O'Shea House between 2019 and 2021, this campaign has been launched.

To maximize our reach and engagement, this campaign will be active on social media and our official website. You can contribute to this cause by being mindful when visiting orphanages, ensuring that your actions do not inadvertently enable exploitation or cause physical, emotional, or social harm to the children.

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