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Number of marine related events last weekend.

The last weekend of June 2019 marked a number of marine events worth noting.

On 29 June, 2019 a code 2 Dugong stranded in Gondol, Buleleng (report through Whale Stranding Indonesia Whatsapp group). Currently the corpse is undergoing necropsy by the flying vet team.

Photo through Budi Satos

Also on 29 June, 2019 a sea turtle laid her eggs on Pantai Kuta (report through Whale Stranding Indonesia Whatsapp group). The eggs have been safe guarded.

On 27 June, 2019 we spotted a report on Facebook on turtle eggs for sale on the market in Ampenan, Lombok. We have informed Indonesian law enforcement groups to undertake proper actions. The selling of turtle eggs is prohibited under the Indonesian law, as sea turtles are an endangered species.

Photo through Peter Jamesson (Facebook)

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