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For two months (September 20 to November 24, 2022), Yayasan Bali Bersih still continued to socialise the dangers and ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and also conducted medical check up for students at primary up to middle schools. We collaborated with schools and health centers in all districts in Bali to organise similar activities in both primary and middle schools in Bali.

Westerlaken Foundation partnered with Bali Kids Foundation, NEBA Foundation, and Wilde Ganzen Foundation to promote an HIV/AIDS awareness program that aims to educate every student in Bali to understand the dangers and can prevent the spread of HIV. This program also hopes to remove the stigma from people living with HIV and also people around them by providing accurate information about the disease.

In this program, we have experienced doctor and nurse who will explain the information about HIV/AIDS, and also provide a general medical check up. We distributed illustrated books to attract the attention of primary and junior high school students in obtaining information on HIV/AIDS, meanwhile for the high school students we provide a powerpoint presentation. After education session, we deliver a general medical check up which includes a check up for vital signs, height, weight, eyes, and any other health assessment.

Continuing socialisation on the dangers of HIV/AIDS we carried out in several districts in Bali for two months. We visited nine schools in Gianyar Regency with a total of 312 students, including students from SDK Santa Maria, SDN 1 Sayan, SDN 2 Sayan, SDN 5 Singakerta, SMAN 1 Tegalalang, SMK 1 Tegalalang, SMPN 3 Tegalalang, SMP Kertayasa Tembongkang, and SD 4 Kedewatan.

In the same period, we visited three schools in Klungkung Regency including students from SDN 2 Tusan, SDN 3 Negari, and SMAN 1 Dawan with a total of 177 students who had been educated about the dangers and ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and also get a medical check up.

In Tabanan Regency, we visited eight schools with a total of 297 students at SDN 1 Gadungan, Islamic Boarding School Bina Insani, SMP 1 Selemadeg Barat, SMPN 3 Selemadeg Timur, SMPN 2 Kerambitan, SDN 2 Selanbawak, SDN 1 Tegaljadi, and SDN 1 Peken Belayu.

We also visited one houses area and five schools in Denpasar City, including Kampung Pemulung TPA Suwung, SMKS Saraswati 2 Denpasar, SMPN 14 Denpasar, SMAK Gandhi, SMK Pariwisata Bali Dewata, SDN 3 Kesiman, and SD Mahardika with a total of 278 participants.

We have visited six schools in Badung Regency to continue socializing the dangers and ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and also medical check up for 160 students at SDN 1 Tumbak Bayuh, SDN 2 Pererenan, SDN 2 Munggu, SDN 4 Cemagi, SDN 1 Kapal, and SDN 2 Abianbase.

And in Bangli Regency, we visited SDN 3 Bangbang to educate the dangers and ways to prevent HIV/AIDS and also medical check up for 16 students.

Yayasan Bali Bersih will continue the efforts and remains committed to running this program to provide education about HIV/AIDS and also health services to every school especially in Bali. We hope that as they move into adolescence and higher education, they will understand the dangers of HIV/AIDS and become wiser in responding to people that are infected by HIV. They also get informed about how to prevent HIV/AIDS. Through this program, we also expect to stop the increase of people infected by HIV/AIDS, especially in Indonesia, to improve the quality of life for each individual.

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