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Help us saving animals! We need an emergency fund!

Westerlaken Foundation has been saving animals in Bali for years as one of its programs. The foundation has the only full equiped ambulance for dolphin and whale strandings on the island, was active in feeding street dogs after the volcanic eruptions last year and has helped rescue dolphins from pool hotels and rescue sea turtles from the illegal trade.

Tourism has been severely affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak. The streets are empty, hotels are empty, flights are canceled. The first foreigners in Bali died from the COVID-19 virus. Many companies such as zoos and dolphinariums are expected to go bankrupt due to the COVID-19 crisis, which NGOs cannot help because of the overwhelming shortage of money and people. The government agencies are currently on lock down and cannot help. Westerlaken foundation is currently not financially well due to declining donations and because 50% of our annual budget comes in by selling surf lessons to tourists. These lessons are canceled en masse. As a foundation, we must build an emergency fund for emergencies, life-to-death situations for animals. They cannot do anything about this crisis, they cannot change this crisis, we have to be there for them. Do you help build an emergency fund?

Please click HERE to help or follow this link:

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