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Expedia and The Bali Bible support dolphin captivity in Bali

This week we delivered letters to the Expedia Bali headquarter and The Bali Bible headquarter.

We and organizations that defend animal rights are concerned that torture and exploitation of animals is still happening. The exploitation of dolphins under the pretext of education and conservation is still happening in Indonesia.

With a heavy heart, we report that Expedia and The Bali Bible are involved in exploiting the dolphins in Bali, by offering tickets to see dolphins in captivity in Bali.

While many countries in the world today recognize that dolphin exploitation is undesirable and governments decide to close down dolphinaria, Expedia and The Bali Bible currently chooses to actively make money from the industry.

We are aware that captive centers in Bali offer their business with the words "education and conservation". The education that is claimed is only a cover for the exploitation of animals for entertainment and commercial purposes.

In the last few weeks, we have received many reports from the public who are also loyal users of Expedia and The Bali Bible, and this has drawn a wave of protests, where it was found that the Expedia and The Bali Bible app is promoting the exploitation of dolphins in Bali. Of course this is very disappointing to us and many other communities. Expedia and The Bali Bible have a responsibility to show the beauty of Bali to everyone.

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