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Dolphin stranded in Nusa Dua, emergency aid packages delivered in Bitera

A busy start of the week! Yesterday we delivered another 100 emergency aid packages to Desa Adat Bitera, making the complete number of emergency aid meals distrubuted 32.096 meals. Thursday we will continue our emergency aid program in Peguyangan.

This morning we got a call to help a stranded dolphin in Nusa Dua, as first responsder we were the first foundation to arrive on the beach. The dolphin returned to the ocean by itself at that time. Together with Deni (JAAN), Fici (Flying Vet) and partners from BKSDA, BPSPL and WWF we have guarded the beach for another 2 hours to see if the dolphin restranded. We are still on standby on our station might this happen.

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