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Cianjur Earthquake

On November 21, 2022 there was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Cianjur, West Java. Based on data from BMKG (Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency) until December 2, 2022 there have been 367 aftershocks. The number of victims in this disaster reached 329 dead, 654 injured, and 11 missing victims with the number of damaged houses reached 24.102 houses. The distribution of aid to areas in need is still uneven due to unfavorable conditions.

One of the areas affected by this earthquake was RW.05 Bangbayang Village, Gegbrong District, Cianjur, West Java. In this area there are 9 disaster management posts with the number of evacuees reached 567 people with details of 3 babies, 45 toddlers, 4 pregnant women, 94 elderly, and the rest are teenagers to adults. This disaster post is still covered with carpet or thin mattresses and tarpaulin roofs. In addition, there is still a shortage of clean water facilities at this command post.

As an emergency response to this disaster, Westerlaken Foundation - Yayasan Bali Bersih took the initiative to provide water filters to victims who need them at 9 posts in RW.05 Bangbayang Village, Gegbrong District, Cianjur, West Java. Apart from water filters, we also provide other logistical assistance such as blankets, sanitation needs, medicines, and children's story books. We provide 10 water filters to affected victims as well as training on the use and maintenance. Residents at the assisted posts were very enthusiastic about participating in the training.

Training on water filters is also accompanied by socialization about medicines and how to use them to affected victims. We hope that our assistance can help victims affected by the earthquake to have access to clean water that is more appropriate and healthy.

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