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Bali Biggest Clean Up Pettenget-Batubelig

Sunday, February 20, 2022, the Bali Biggest Clean Up activity was held at Petitenget Beach-BatuBelig. This Beach Clean Up starts at 7.00 WITA and ends at 9.30 WITA. This activity was attended by KMPL FK Unud and the general public.

Bali Biggest Clean Up is an annual activity held by Byebye Plastic Bags and One Island One Voice in the context of HPSN (National Waste Care Day) which falls on Monday, February 21, 2022 today.

Beach Clean Up begins with a briefing and distribution of equipment such as sacks, gloves, and masks. Because this activity was held during a pandemic, we strictly maintain health protocols.

After the briefing and distribution of tools, we started the beach clean up activity. We focussed on collecting both large and flaky inorganic waste. It turns out that on Petitenget each there is a lot of plastic waste that becomes small flakes.

After an hour of collecting the garbage, all the waste was weighed. Then we group the waste according to the type of waste. This is done to facilitate the subsequent waste management process. We also do a brand audit and see which brand's trash is most commonly found on the beach.

Based on this activity, we got plastic bottles (39 pieces), glass bottles (18 pieces), plastic cups (167 pieces), bottle caps (259 pieces), sandals/shoes (29 pieces), plastic straws (456 pieces), mixed plastics and other residues, with a total weight of nearly 30 Kg.

We would like to thank all those who have helped and contributed to this activity. We hope that activities like this can be carried out regularly so that the environment is cleaner from plastic waste.

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