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Another Sperm Whale stranding..

Today we received the news that the remains of a sperm whale were found in Nusa Dua. We were scheduled to have a meeting at BPSPL with out friends from Jakarta Animal Aid Network. After arriving at Nusa Dua we started to doubt our initial thoughts wether these were the remains of the Sperm Whale that stranded yesterday in Sanur or of another Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus). Things that make us doubt are the condition of the remains, location (more or less 14 km further) and the size (3.5 meter difference, but the gastric effect can have changed this). We took DNA samples that will be sent to Bionesia. Another disturbing fact is that all the teeth of this whale were missing, likely stolen. We will remain on alert for the Sanur case. If this case is not the same individual, it means that the remains of the Sanur Sperm Whale are still out there. A necropsy insitu did not give any clearance on the cause of death.

Together with our friends at Jakarta Animal Aid Network we took care of the costs for the burrial of the remains.

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