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32 green turtles confiscated from fishermen in southern waters of Bali

The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) has thwarted an attempt to capture and smuggle green turtles in Bali. 32 green turtles confiscated from fishermen in southern waters of Bali (30/12/2021).

"Currently, evidence in the form of large and medium-sized green turtles, 3 jukung, and 21 crew members have been secured at Lanal Denpasar" Said Yoos Suryono Hadi, Danlantamal Denpasar.

He added that this failed attempt to smuggle turtles was not the first. Previously, Lanal Denpasar also arrested the perpetrators of turtle hunting and smuggling on May 17, 2019 in Banyuwedang Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency. Currently, the turtles are deposited at TCEC (Turtle Conservation and Education Centre) waiting for law process before finally being released into the wild. The estimated economic value of the turtles is in the tens of millions of rupiah, and currently Lanal Denpasar is still investigating the distribution network for the turtles' market.

Danlantamal V, Yoos Suryono Hadi put labels on turtles that were rescued from smuggling attempts (31/12/2021) (BP/Edi)

Westerlaken Foundation has recorded and assisted some cases regarding turtles’ hunt and smuggling. Some of the cases which happened since 2019 are following:

  • On the first of October 2019 a truck carrying 18 endangered and protected Green Turtles crashed on Sunset road in the early morning. The case is still under investigation by BKSDA. As the driver disappeared on the spot, further investigation is needed.

  • A total of thirteen (13) Green Turtles were found in a resident's home in Melaya Village, Jembrana (19/10/2019). The head of BKSDA Bali reacted that these turtles were accommodated without documents, which means they were taken from the wild.

  • 12 green turtles saved from being slaughtered for meat at Warung Kayu Manis, located at Jalan Bukit Hijau II No. 1, Banjar MekarSari, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta District, Badung, Bali (24/06/2020).

  • 36 green turtles were confiscated on the 11th of July 2020 on the beach of Serangan. The turtles were still alive and were released to their natural habitat. A wooden boat was unloaded in the night and caught the attention of the police. The captain Muhalim and 6 crew members were arrested.

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