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27.236 meals handed out!

Today we had our hand out again in Peguyangan. This suburb of Denpasar is fairly hit by COVID-19. Many people work in hospitality in the vibrant south of Bali and have lost their jobs. Recent research pointed out that the income of people working in hospitality and tourism is reduced with 78%. In the Balinese kinship system people contribute to, and live together with, the whole family. Therefore we focus on the elderly in Peguyangan. Another 100 people get our emergency aid packages.

Trough Dinas Sosial, the social service, from the Bacung regency we also received two adresses of people in need. Both concerned young grown ups and children that lost their parents and are living with family. These familymembers also lost their jobs due to COVID-19, making it hard to put food on the table. We were happy to provide a total of 32 meals to them. In total till today we have provided 27.236 meals!

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