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Support Joddie O'Shea's children.


Supporting a disadvantaged child breaks the cycle of poverty. Your help will ensure JOS children, whether under our roof or reunified with family, live decently and continue their education.

62 JOS children are living with their families and 6 children living at the Jodie O’Shea facilities. A number of these children have supporters who provide financial means, so JOS can take care of needs such as education (including school fees, uniforms, books, and shoes), food, transportation (if needed), health insurance, and family empowerment.

As a supporter you can make a difference for the child you help.


  • This specific donation will goes to JOS children (initial) 'JOS-J12G'. With your support of 450 EURO, covers a year of the child needs. 

    "JOS-J12G" is a 12 years old girl from Java. She and her brother have been living at JOS since 2013 until she was reunified in August 2021. Now she lives with her siblings and a single mother at a small rent room in Bali.  Her mother used to work as a cook with a minimum wage but she decided to resign so that she can look after her children. JOS is supporting logistic for her mother to start a small food stall. She is very helpful and loves to dance.  She needs supports for education, food and clothing. Her favorite subject is math, she likes to eat sate and pizza, and very keen to plant and grows some tree, she has a dream to become a policewoman.

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