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8th emergency aid food run in Bitera

Today marked the end of the 2nd period of 4 weeks of emergency aid in Desa Adat Bitera. In total we have done 16 rounds, to Bitera, Penatih and Peguyangan. We love working with the local SATGAS community in Bitera. Young people that (temporaril) last their job, kelian banjars and ofcourse the bendesa, Pak Nyoman Sumantra are a huge help in making sure that those who are in need reveive help, but also organize the hand outs every week with great precission.

We have decided, seen the ongoing need (sown in the impaft assessment) and the sincere cooperation, to prolong the period of aid with another 4 weeks. Today we were also able to hand out baby, children and adult masks to those that are in need. Wearing a mask is paramount in fighting corona, mandatory by government but still people are not wearing masks, simply because the can’t afford them. Some people wear old masks, totally worn out.. luckily we could help to replace those as well! All this was possible with the amazing help of the Mask Society, a buy one, donate one mask movement in Bali. We are so thankful! We continue with handing out masks this Thursday in Peguyangan.

Also we made many kids happy again today with the awesome books from the Bali Institute. The book explains in a nice and educational way what corona is. We heard from parents that already received the book last week that their childeren loved it!

And ofcourse; besides awesome masks and great books these people also received their food emergency pacakage! Till date we have provided 22.400 meals!

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