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Stranded Dwarf Sperm Whale in Serangan

Yesterday Westerlaken Foundation was involved in the rescue of a Kogia sima (Dwarf Sperm Whale) in Serangan. We received the first report through our friends at JAAN and TCEC.

We rushed to the scene in Serangan with our full equipped Ford Ranger. With donations we receive monthly we were able to buy a second hand Ford Ranger last year which we fully equipped (stretchers, mattresses, safety supplies), to save stranded dolphins and whales.

The need for a 4W Ranger car is evident as we had to go over small sandy roads to reach the location.

We found a badly injured whale who was pushed back several times into the water already. At the moment we arrived she was in the water but five minutes later she tired to beach herself again. We tried to help her on the beach so we could rescue her and bring her to a rehab pool, but she became very wild and swam away.

A few minutes later she attempted to beach herself again. The problem on this case was that the beach is covered with dead coral which caused severe cuts on the whale's skin. We decided to get her in the stretcher just before the beach and carried her out.

With the car of BKSDA we brought her quickly to a rehab pool nearby of the Bali Exotic Marine Park, a newly openend captivity facility. As foundation we fight captivity, but this decision has been made by government. As foundation we follow the government as leading.

On the way to the facility the whale started banging her head to the side of the car, an ultimate try to kill herself. Upon arrival the poor whale died in our arms, trying to protect her from any harm.

Upon the necropsy performed under the lead of DrH Jaya Ratha it is concluded that the whale had empty intestines and likely had a chronically infection on the oesophagus.

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